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“There are so many things I would tell you if I thought that you would listen and so many more you would tell me if you believed I would understand.”
Cigarettes after sex is like drinking by yourself, its nice and feels good in a way that cant be compared, and I dont even smoke-🐰
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📍San Francisco - USA 🌎
Livre pra poder sorrir, sim
Livre pra poder buscar o meu lugar ao sol... 🎵

#nature  #sky #sun  #beautiful #pretty #tree #beauty #light #photooftheday #
Bunga bersinar benderang,menyatu menjadi satu sehingga membentuk lukisan yang indah -augit
Waduhhh!! Folls naek turun kek ingus.... Yang udah aku follbac
@tv_allskies 様にfeatureして頂きました。とても嬉しいです💗
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