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Heading for the open door, tell me what you are waiting for
i. castle on the hill — ed sheeran
ii. cheap thrills — sia
iii. veins — k
Unfortunately, even in death Mercer Frey is cursing this Guild!  While running the Guild he partnered with Maven Black-Briar, giving her a percentage of ev
Download pocket starships and join me on an intergalactic adventure! #mmo #mmorpg #mmorpggaming #games #gamers #gaming #gamersmatter #mobile #life #star #s
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simply comment below for a roleplay and aus. if you request i post you plot, if i request y
Ꮯallings — 召
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rυleѕ and regυlaтιonѕ
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lιтeracy ↬ write whatever is comfortable for you, but when replying i wo
Ive started a #Patreon for my One-Page Adventures designed to be used for #SwordsAndWizardry Patreon/onepageadventures #rpg #DungeonsAndDragons #OSR
[ r e g u l a t i o n s ]
your basic rpg rules. be active, be literate, remember the rules, dirty goes to the dm, and have fun! bc thats what rolep
im actually so motivated to do this idea, like you guys have no idea. i love this layout so much 😍😍 also, i love you guys !!!! tysm for being so
A shot of the AMAZING care package we got from our listeners in #sweden! 🇸🇪 It was truly an adventure of flavor! 🤤
#Gaming #tabletop #rpg #hap
Im making the forms for this roleplaygroup, you have to send me the name, age, house, year, sexuality, faceclaim, quote and title ( I prefer the FC
The #art of #fighting.
#Sunday #comics #prisma #colours #oozengard
A rough sketch map of Gandalor, the Gate City from my homebrew #dnd 5e campaign. Its supposed to be the heroes next destination so lets hope they make it