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This would never be able to happen in Wellington -Ellery 😂☂️ #remotelife #travellife #streetdecorations #explore #touristing #wandering #travel #m
Tiny Travel Badge 22/100: Meter Cab Maven: You’re smart enough not to aimlessly hop into a cab without a meter or pre-negotiated price. Don’t get overc
Pyramids in Mexico with @aridmz 🇲🇽
My parents sure do chose great places to live. .
#mom #pointreyes #nicasio #norcal #california #remotelife #adventuresofnay #mytinyatlas #chasinglight
When the greatest airline ever @southwestair decides to do a #ScavengerHunt at the gate to celebrate the 🍍 and you win a sweet pair of 😎 🙌🏼 Thx
Happy Documentário_
Desde que a @novoexpediente nasceu que a gente já queria compartilhar a dica desse documentário com todos vocês. É sobre ser v
From the Amazon to the Sahara 🏜️
@kate_gardiner brings us the cheese. Wisconsin cheese, that is.
Grab your Flonase, because were about to frolic HARD in these swathes of daisies, @lisa_plywood said to Jules, as they embarked upon their journey to th
Why send flowers to someone when you can send someone to the flowers instead? To celebrate her six month mark with AVG, we sent our Senior Account Manager,
When you need to make time for a buti shake and need to work #remotelife #butiyoga
The true beauty of life is in its simplicity.  A warm day, a cold drink, a good spot on the sand with a few great friends.  #seetheworld #seekadventure #fi
Time for the commute home.
Miss being back home and getting views and weather as nice as today ... grateful for the family and friends I got to spend this weekend with. Always feels
Back in Copan in Honduras. We are back because we really loved here! Something is special about this cute little town. Surrounded by coffee farm mountains,
Sound on! So much for discrete museum visits! 😂