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Omg hes soooo good 😍
- follow me @teenguiding for more 😘
took this from tumblr but ok.
Have a vision. Believe you can achieve it through action here and now. Take the practical steps towards it. Repeat 💛
Im gonna try and be positive all day tomorrow but I doubt Ill make it 😂
What about you do you need to work on the most?
I need to work on time management and optimizing the times that Im most productive. For me that means goin
its raining and v v v cold out !!! ugwsbkok
i am v tired
Really wish I had an extra hour of sleep lmao
To us all towns are one and all men our kin -Poongundranar
The best thing that I ever did in my life was creating this account. 
I was a lonely pathetic
We often mistake soulmates for the Prince Charming we heard of as a child and dreamt about.
Soulmates can be anyone who knows you inside out; someone you
Still a chubby cunt 😂😂 #funnyquote #quoteoftheday #relatablequotes #quote #chubbycunt #imneverhot #realtalk #truesay
She is like a lily among thorns, how beautiful you are, how your eyes shine with love behind your veil, your hair dances like a flock of goats, your teeth
He hobbled through it but FINISHED.

You may be hobbling through whatever it is youre trying to do.

You didnt make the decision to start to change. You
Become addicted to speed and chaos. Theyre the optimal conditions for personal growth. #diligententrepreneur