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Do not forget to be happy and grateful for what you have
cc : Bible

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Tag someone who does this 😂😂
Orang boleh salah, agar dengan  demikian ia berpeluang menemukan kebenaran dengan proses autentiknya sendiri . ~Emha AinunNajib~ 
quote of the day !!
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Good quote 🙌 #quotesandsayings #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotetoday #quotelover
The darker the night the brighter the star. The darkness shall pass and you’ll shine even brighter than before because of it. ⭐️
..jgn memandang seseorang hanya dari status dan materi..karena sepatu emas Firaun berada di neraka sedangkan sandal jepit Bilal bin Rabbah terdengar di su
Ini pagiku, mana pagimu? Yuk jadikan satu untuk semangat bangunkan waktu.
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#quoteoftheday #quote💕 #quotetoday they #laugh at me because Im #different I laugh at them coz theyre all the #same!!#😂 #😂😘😘and boy do i l
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If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal
Si el plan no funciona cambia el plan, pero nunca el objetivo
via @agentste
Wounds are formed in relationships, but theyre also healed in relationships. Despite the pain, the tears and heartbreak, I am so grateful for my last rel
DID YOU SPOT IT .... type Yes when you have ... Great quote though and a must  via @martinburtonline
I love #vancouver, with a population of almost 2.5 million people, there is no shortage of interesting people or networking opportunities. Waking up and lo
Show yourself what you can do.
Lò mò tìm đc cái bút từ hè khi bắt đầu tập lettering. Được nửa năm với chữ rồi :) #practice #calligraphymasters #typetopia #t
Surround yourself with positive people 💚🌸😃
The kind that lift you up and make you feel AMAZING! ✨
Its unreasonable to expect perfection every time, especially when tackling a new task. Dont let that stop you, work every day on improving yourself, and
Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will, appreciate what you have.
New book of the week!! 📖💡 ——————————————————————————The Kaizen Way: One Small Step Can Change You
Jangan bangga atas pujian dan jangan ciut pada cacian semua punya kesempatan jadi yang terbaik...#quotetoday
Do not be afraid to chase your goals no matter how big they are! 💪🏼 #MindsetFactory