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Just had a shower and my sis trimmed my fringe!!!!
🤔not too sure about the fringe trim??? I think its a bit to short 🙄
#lovemybathtime #fringetrim #
¡Hola amigos peludos! Mi mama siempre dice: El mejor terapeuta tiene pelitos y 4 patas ¿quien será? 🐶
Hello furry friends! My mom always says
I love my Blanky
#tb to first week with my humans 😍 tiny pup 💖🐾🐶
Happy Birthday to the doggy sister we love the most! #luna O and heres a little bit of Ali too😇 #alithechamp #pupper #puppiesofig #puppies #puppylife #
All dressed up with nowhere to go! 🐶🐕🐾
📸  @thegoldensrule
Dog fur is just part of the decor of this house
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@mdqjm - stop taking pictures of us.  Were just two bros trying to chill out.
Just chilling out with my new best friend. @mdqjm
Joan had no time settling in as Only Dog after saying goodbye to her puppy-siblings yesterday morn. She was stoic and mature, sitting in front of the barn
9 Months ♡ Day 251
We have some big news! First off, well start off with the good news - my girl got a 1 on her ensemble in contest. 😊 And nows the
Come and fight me human.
❗️Chewing in progress. Do not disturb ❗️