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Ive been spending more and more time on a pull-up bar lately. Ive really taken a liking to body weight workouts. The athleticism its brings to your day
Veeg me op echt! Gelukkig vanavond weer de Gym in. That makes me happy!
På dager en ikkje har tid til å komme seg på senteret er det VELDIG greit å ha en sykkel stående hjemme,og med en Pull ups Bar og noe strikk i tillegg
Part 2 More of some of my calisthenic routines from the weekend. Trying to add some more explosiveness and balance work into my routines to make them more
Das tollste Hobby der Welt😍😍 #pullups #hobby #me
i wanna use this as my school bag more than anything but omg i would be so judged 😂 have an amazing day today sugar mice!!!🐭🐭 ive got lots of dms
The Fastest Way to Achieve a Standard Bodyweight Pullup
We finish what we start. 
Every single rep. Every motherf%$ken  set. 
Thank you @therealzakaveli
The bar-barian family and our calisthenics community 💯
Nothing left in my little arms for the masters workouts. This one was 21-15-9 shoulder to overhead and C2B. Time to set some goals for next year and focus
Heute mal ein 💪🏼Morning #Workout 💪🏼ich arbeite an meiner #Morgenroutine 😄 #attitudeiseverything #einstellungistalles 👍bin sogar an einem
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