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I know a post a lot about you but I really love you and I like talking about you and really anything about you😂❤ but yeah call me obsessed but I say I
W a s t e d
|| canny do this right now, laterrz
Seeing blink-182 in less than two months
You could have been all I wanted. But you werent honest. Now get in the ground. You choked off the sorriest of favors. But if you really loved me. You wo
Vic & Mike with @destiiiinee_ in Austin! - 4.25.17
#VicFuentes #MikeFuentes #PierceTheVeil #PTV #WWDT #WeWillDetonateTour #AustinTX #PTVFansu
Probably my favorite frame of this video. Theory confirmed. Theyre moving out! Im so happy for them. I loved how Dan was like, are you sad at all? And
Too accurate it hurts.
Coffee or tea?
I like coffee ☕️✨