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Unfortunately you cant help who you fall in love with, however this my idea of perfect 
Last weeks stats from my fitbit!  The goal for this week is to improve on this as best I can.  Been a good start to the week food wise and got back to hitt
Thats the plan

#partnersincrime #powercouple
Way back when we lived in different states, had different traveling schedules, and only seen each other once a month, facetiming every night was the only w
⏱Waiting for the right time is a prime example of wasting time... Most of you are sitting on the couch, kicking back this evening scrolling Facebook on y
We launched our vlog channel today! Im in charge of this baby and Ive got big plans. Now I just need to learn how to edit in premiere 😝#vlog#blogs#vlo
My workouts with bae ❤️️@g_vanni12 are always the best , not only does he encourage me to challenge myself, hes the best at keeping me motivated. Th
The goal isnt more money the goal is living life on our own terms 😎💪
He has a traditional business, I have a home base business. Together we are cre
Watch this now, dawg seh him and him wife been doing this Red Shoe Challenge and killing the Game @linkyironheart @milfmonroee stay fresh #powercouple #dou
What a great sunset this evening out our back door. One of the many reasons why we love where we live. #backyardbliss #homeontherange #neighborhood #norcal
Guess you could say it was a pretty successful day for the soon-to-be Winsteads! Hunter was awarded the AD Commitment to Excellence Award and I received m
Because hes my #mcm❤️ and makes me laugh everyday. #blessed🙏 #mcm #powercouple #D&B @dmechenique93