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🌻🍃🌸🌹🏵🌺🕊 N o  B a d m i n d  F a l s e  P r e t e n c e  F r a u d s  F o r m e d  A g a i n s t  M e  S h a l l  P r o s p e
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A c t i v a t i o n - Often over looked, communication between your brain and muscles is crucial for effective workouts.
Sometimes, your brain only sen
The calm after the storm. @jencolee and the rest of the Pleasanton SPRINTers are hooked on this 30-minutes HIIT training on a bike called LES MILLS SPRINT
Saaari duniya ka bojh hum uttthatey hain @rassikaa19 @riddhimishra_ proud of these girls they have #power #acroyoga #fun #fittness #core #balance
Základní pravidlo. Zapamatuj si to. 
Takže 105kg nové max... Váha 65kg
#gym #bench
YELLOW.. Mood of the day...
#yellow probably my least favorite color.. To me it represents all of strange disturbing things and feelings #insanity #envy #a
It is music to your body spirit to your soul it is meant to refresh your blood revive your  cells. Give you the energy you never had #iv #rehydrate #glutat
Vamos que ya es viernes👏!
He aprendido que el objetivo de un #entrenamiento no siempre tiene que ser mejorar marcas, tiempos, pesos... De hecho, hay cos
If you can dream it you can do it! Sejere tumblere: 🥇 til pige B og drenge B, 🥉 til drenge C og pige C #power #tumbling #fe1617 #flemmingefterskole #
When you concentrate on your breath, you are connecting to life. The words just breathe has grown in popularity in recent years. Breathing brings you bac
Gårdagens axelpass känns ganska bra idag😥 men bara att ladda om! Idag blir de bröst/rygg😏💪
In frame:-76 Greenwood Corvette. 
The colors of freedom! The sky roaring, clouds thundering and there is the beast fighting for its freedom. .

П-пятницааа😜😜😜. Бодрого утра всем! Завершаем неделю пра
Do you even lift bro? Always learning new ways to test your limits at The Basement 💪🏋 #thebasement #doyouevenlift #lifting #gym #strength #power #har
Renault formula 1
Efsaneler geri dönüyor, tosfed 2018 formula için Türkiyeyi takvime almak için görüşüyor. Dünyanın en büyük yarışlarından