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Happy Birthday Amanda!
Another photo for @lmlashartistry. @hennaseyzimmerman by @lesliegenius
I hesitate, and its killing my dreams. You do it too. When I stop for that split second before a morning run, or before starting that paper I need to do,
Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream Im living in.
Sneak peeks are sort of my fave, okay? And portraits sessions are extra cool when the person youre photographing is releasing a poetry book 😍 details t
Looks like its a requirement to have a gun of you come to me for a senior session! The last 4 shoots have all had a rifle in them! #GoTexas
Planning my summer travels is making me miss galavanting through Europe with @michelagalante #barceloneta #travelphotography #portrait
Emma Frost
In Frame:  @the.wayward.vixen
=============================================Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: Canon E
Week 17: Technical-Loop Lightning. Theres an art to lifes distraction
I was visiting my friend Shu in Shanghai two years ago and one night, we hung out with her friend Jen. She snuck us into a rooftop club undergoing renovati
out of focus, eye to eye 
until the gravity is too much
La casa de la abuela 👵🏻 #David #art #portrait #portraits_ig