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We teach economic interdependence! Its always better when you instill in your kids the value of independence and not working for other people. They become
Pisspoliticians #politics #europe
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#French “Investigation” in #Syria Neither Impartial nor Independent - Editorial. Link in bio or 👉🏽 bit.ly/2qfs7AC
Now his own supporters are beginning to question him, I made this cactopuss, just for King Orange.
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EP6 Is Out! Chemtrails: Climate Change Or Conspiracy? Is Our Food, Pets And Bodies Safe From Geo-Engineering? Planet Or Meat Based Diet? There Is No Spielb
#Barrett #Brown Re-Arrested For Giving #Media Interviews Without Permission. Link in bio or 👉🏽 bit.ly/2qnSHDQ
Sobre o dia de hoje! #Brazil #protest #politics
In honor of #NFLDraft day #President #Trump reveals the real reason why the #NewEnglandPatriots didnt sign the helmet they gave him upon their visit to th
Neoactivismo y Neociudadanía; movilización social y nuevos (o no tan nuevos) espacios de poder, de ésto hablaremos con @rafa.rubio en el 3° @sdbeersp
Se depender da deputada Tia Eron, as líderes negras Dandara dos Palmares e Luiza Mahin, que lutaram pela abolição da escravatura, terão seus nomes no L
Had an exhausting week at NUS conference this week in Brighton but got to speak several times on many of the issues facing the National Movement in the UK.