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- Trainer: Gust Of Wind -
- Base Set - 93/102 -
Got a couple of old school WOTC cards to post up today!
Pokémon 3D LED! is a Must have 😍
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Nest at the stadium #pokemonmaster #pokemon #pokemongo
The dragon says good night and good day looking forward to posting more tomorrow follow @redpokecoin .
#gottacatchemall #pokemon #night #goodnight #pokemon
Cant you just squish em? credit 
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Mother of Charizard/Charmeleon/Charmander?😂👊🐉 🔥
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My dog is laying on my bed right now, with her paws covering her eyes.  DAMMIT MAN, I love dogs! - 
Im gonna be working 14 hours later today, so thats go
Artist/Got from: @mewtwo.memes
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Take my money! 😱Which ditto version Pokémon will you pick? ------------------------------------------------------
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Not exactly happy with this one but...heres my part of an art trade with @kelley_artistry 🎨
Hope you guys like!
SpongeBob being used for a Pokémon meme?  Wynaut!