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okay I think I was 8 when I started playing and my first games besides ss were the unova ones. whenever I was bored I would always listen to the cries and
Heres some hoenn pokemon I drew with little things on them (torchic has a sonic screwdriver just so you know) #pokemon #pokemonart #pokemonfanart #pokemon
Pokemon Togepi Black Star Promo card, such a cool card and what a cute little guy 😁
(Swipe) Just returned to the place where i got the two Aerodactyl this morning. Now a Dragonair! This is totally my new go to point 💙
 #apple #pokemon #
The Chicorita giveaway takes place in 4 hrs from now. Until then you can still become a Patron to my cause anf take this beauty home! please find me on pat
sorry Im a day late, I didnt have my phone yesterday😷and I keep steakig poss from @shinycharjabug so go follow him😤💘
credit to @bluekanto !!
Heyy ihr Lieben! 🤗❤️
Morgen gehts wieder los...
Früh aufstehen (ok das ist bei mir egal, ich steh in den Ferien genauso früh auf 😂🤙🏻) Ha
Really? 🤦‍♂️ mudkiptheinformer you were suppose to do good! Bring balance to the community not add to it!!! You thought you could scam the fuzz??
Just received 6 packs of Ultra Pro - Pro-Matte sleeves, yellow and blue. Both amazing colours, which colour does everyone prefer? 🤔
Fenne fennekin!!🔥 hello! Can anyone take over my account I think I need to grow up so no more Pokémon )): so if you will take over my account please DM
Okay, so i was so anti Pokemon Go because of how i disliked that is made Pokemon cool, and being a dire hard fan i was annoyed.... but not so long ago I do
Cant believe I got this card in one evolutions pack 😭 @pokemon #pokemon #pokemongo #pokeball #pokemoncards #pokemonex #pokemonart  #pokemonfan #pokemon