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All that way in the power box debating to keep the packs sealed or open them. #pokemon #pokemoncommunity #pokemonaddict #pokemoncards #pokemoncollector #po
What should I name her?
Need to restyle the wig because the gel got white for some reason! 😩 Almost there!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend , I got this beautiful full art in my mimikyu box 💥👒
So today... We are here to acknowledge the death of a shiny Houndour I found randomly... This world is a cruel place that has a lot of glitches making a VE
I just met Brendan, nice first impression 😂
The fake creature depicted on these cards is more graceful than I have ever been in my life 😂 /// Sorry for the spam (though I love Spam and Ill never
- Fossil Researcher Full Art - 
Id be posting daily either on my collection or my mails from yall on this account. Thank you for your time! #day25

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Active link in our
okay I think I was 8 when I started playing and my first games besides ss were the unova ones. whenever I was bored I would always listen to the cries and
Pretty successful prerelease!