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one day i will repel • my books, into the wildfire: mourning departures and into the wildfire: battle scars, are available now on amazon!
Going way back with this one but I still love the message. Too much going on all of the time and Im just trying to keep up. When I finally get some moment
Do you like birds?
Listening to my neighbour play the blues tonight was so good for my soul (along with this view). ❤️✨tonights sunset✨
When I saw 
what you could 
Crumble into me
When u break out your old Poetry book to find a gem for the stage.

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They never stop. The pain, the joy, the suffering, the happiness...like a sine wave, our lives rise and fall and rise again. Seeing it all as part of the s
Last week I took my little cousin to the park and watched as she went on the swing - effortlessly going higher and higher all while wearing an eager smile
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written 9.23.16 ~ 10:16 am
I am an empath and it isnt a want its a need. I have been through hell and back. Some scars are still on fire and I cant heal them around others who ha