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RELIGIOUS INTERIORS: Looking up at the calligraphy details of Jama Masjids cusped arches. This mosque is the biggest in India & considered one of the be
A live Google map of Chor Bazaar... In Frame:- Katam bhai a Hamal by Profession. 
Age around 65.

When he said he knows every corner of Chor Bazaar  I cl
The police officer who puts their life on the line with no superpowers, no x-ray vision, no super strength, no ability to fly, and above all no invulnerabi
991 grams - Theres something amazingly satisfying about getting a few good shots after being stared at and shooed away by suspicious shopkeepers, while
[Iroh has just watched a group of boys accidently kick a ball through a window]
[to the boys]
It is usually best to admit mistakes when they occur, and to