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Beautiful Sunday in Medellín 🇨🇴
I trust this enough to put into my own body. 
I trust this enough to help my body grow.

I trust this enough to help me push harder.

I trust this enough t
Just a reminder we all start somewhere, and we all grow! Stop worrying what you look like next to someone else. Worry about the goal you originally set! Th
Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you once made. If you want different results, make different choices. 👍👊Photo cred: @giani.mart
Next level focus these next few weeks🔥Time to bring it. And Im excited to say ill be ditching the board shorts for a bit to do both classic and mens p
Really Starting to get excited and pumped about my next competition.  Got to meet don long today and he took the time to show me some good techniques to fi
Rate the Ninja Skills 1-10 
#NoFear @kelan.brewman
Td Jakes any one can praise God when all is good it takes a soldier to praise God when all hell has broken loose
#beastmode #holyspirit #god 
Thats a way to increase my calorie intake..! #gym #fitness #fatburn #bodybuilding #physique #gymmirror #training #workout #chest #triceps #quads #legs #ab
Placed top 3 in Muscle Model at this weekends WBFF @fitnessatlantic Awesome showing and great competition this year. Looking forward to competing again in
Standing Calf Raises
Next time you hit calves try a few sets with your toes pointed in! Then try a few with them pointed out. Hitting them at different ang
R.A.W. collection....