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Grumpy & sleepy Lil duck 😂🐣
Why are you so tired baby ... !? We thought u slept early yesterday cuz we din  see you, on that blurred live .. with you
Divine 💙💜 #jaredleto #30secondstomars #beautiful #perfection
It doesnt happen very often but my chunk fell asleep in my arms 😩❤ such a full heart ❤️ #perfection #myworld #11monthsold #cuddles #naptime #mybo
Oreo-my-gawddd look at this cake!! Our Death by Cookie Monster is finally finished (Evil laugh) our layers are chocolate, whole Oreos, cookie dough, shortc
There is some light...
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How about this style of Disha Patani?
Please Don Unfollow Us😭
Still thinking wanna change the username or not.