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A readers life is never dull!! #bookaddict #percyjackson #acotar #harrypotter #fandoms #bookstagram
Stayed in the cutest little shack with the most amazing views from our back verandah 😻 You cant see them in this photo but there was 2 kangaroos like 3
well now that that mild breakdown existential crisis has been procrastinated and put off to a later time where itll probably inconveniently come back in a
Heres a sketch of the Merperky Jerky / Persalty even though Ive already colored him // tag yourself, Im the air bubbles
[ #pjo #percyjackson #percyj
(listening to lana del Rey always make me feel (a little) less sad)
(this actually made me feel better not a lot but some💗)
does anyone else watch Brandon Rogers bc his videos are so funny but theyre so fucking offensive I feel bad for liking them but theyre just so funny... I
(me because I have no talents so Ive accomplished literally nothing in life so instead I just get super invested in accomplishments of people around me) e
yikes I havent posted in forever Im so sorry Ill start back up with more headcanons I promise
do u like this headcanon? comment below!
idea: me
today was supposed to be a good day. I guess it was, in general, but the one or two bad things that happen, they shadow over everything else, filling it al
Is the ship name for Magnus and Alex really Beatrice? Thats really weird. Our fandom is weird😂😂
Credit: unknown
what type of name is bertha
Part 2 of my #NationalSuperheroDay post. Artwork by Viria! Some of my favorite characters.
#PercyJackson #AnnabethChase
#HazelLevesque #FrankZhang
Now this is what I call squad goals😂
#percyjackson #annabethchase #jasongrace #pipermclean #leovaldez #frankzhang
in which Percy becomes me, because I cant stop dabbing now, no matter how dead it is.
{ #percyjacksonandtheolympians #pjo #percyjackson #hoo #heroesofol
posting klance hp au while watching harry potter and the chambers of secrets?? yes pls

if anyone knows any good klance-hp au fanfics HMU the thirst is rea
Ame este fanart de Piper y Jason, tengo que admitir que está pareja no me convence del todo, espero este fanart es hermoso ♥

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