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Tired from the park
Yuk bunda jaga kesehatan ginjal sikecil sedini mungkin. beberapa yang perlu dilakukan untuk menjaganya. 
1. Kurangi asupan garam 
2. Turunkan atau jaga ber
Mommy, I just want things to go back to normal. I miss my home and I miss you looking after us. As I sit alone in my quiet little room, the beds perfectl
The new Thursday night #theodoretitus #parenting
My assistant Dunder is a good job helping me with the babys 2nd birthday gift. 🚘⚑️
Its basically midnight but Im going to sneak in a #throwbackthursday of that time I was hanging out at the Fashion Television broadcast from the tents at
We love visiting our @greenestreetjuice family, Willow is definitely going to be a juice baby! πŸ’š
Ramadhan makin deket..πŸ€—
Mari sambut Ramadhan bersama Afrakids...
Jilbab Afrakids restok lagi bun..sis..
Order sekarang bwt si Salehahnya sblm ludess lg.
I dont know how, or why, and I frankly just dont want to know, but Im pretty sure her brother must have peed on her head yesterday because she smells so
Aybunn..asikkkk nih, PROMO AKHIR APRIL nihh..
Promonya bukan cuman buat cash aja loh, tapi bisa buat pembelian dg sistem ARISAN / D
waiting... for bro to finish playing with his toys.. ν•˜λ„ ν˜•μ•„κ°€ 자기거 λ§Œμ§€μ§€λ§λΌκ³  ν˜Όλ‚΄μ‚¬ μ–Œμ „νžˆ λ©€λ¦¬μ„œ 기닀리고 μžˆλ‹€γ…‹γ…‹γ
When you come to get in your bed because your tired and been packing all evening  and your kid is in your bed  spread all the way out like its his #smh #g
Oh em gee, if you have kids you need the Epic app! Its absolutely amazing. Were not that into tech gadgets - despite living in Silicon Valley - and our k
Sometimes I look at her and cant believe shes five! She is quite independent and able to get a lot done on her own. This week she has been really interes
Oh the huge bag that he lugs. Collecting assorted junk from the roadside. It keeps swelling with every passing garbage pile. 
Reminds me of my daily days a