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Hey ihr Bücherwürmer 📚🐛 Ich war das ganze Wochenende bei meinem Freund und hab von ihm ein Leseverbot bekommen die letzten 2 Tage 😄 Ich dachte d
Day 30- #RFABAPRIL2017 April Wrap Up.
This is the last book I read this month and this happened to be the best book I perused this month which is why
Abril, seu lindo, fique mais! Não quer entrar e tomar uma xícara de café?
🍒Hello lovelies! Im super exited for today because I just found out that I got a rep position for @inapaperforest and I am so so so excited! Bookmarks
°Th1rteen r3asons why
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Ill admit that I do miss coloring traditionally all the time, but everything moved at a faster pace over the years. 
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A small masterpiece...a book about frail but indomitable old age, simple kindness, childhood, and courage in dark confusing danger. It is not sentimental
I am working all day today but at least the weather is nice and the morning activity is walking. So, I will be outside a majority of the day. Yay! Also, I
Dave Eggers Bis an die Grenze hätte ich mir wahrscheinlich nicht gekauft, hätte ich es in der Buchhandlung gesehen. Aber es war in der letzten LovelyB
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Im trying not to spam the pages ^^!!. #traditional #comic #pages #story
...Una verità che perseguita Giulia come una spina sotto pelle; un segreto che fa di lei quellessere così tormentato e unico, luminoso e buio; un vuoto