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Spent an afternoon listening to Mr. Upamanyu Chatterjee read his short story Othello Sucks. So much flair in his voice! Snuck up behind him and made pupp
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Everyone believes the worlds greatest lie... says the
A tiger does not shout its tigritude...its acts.

After covering 1000kms in 15 hrs non stop we took the first safari in the morning.

Our patience and effo
My current dream is to be able to stack money like that green wall to develop a vertical garden🌱🍃 at my home similar to this one😇
- As Beautiful i

I am not looking for days when i will be rich,
Or days when i will have my own job or property,
I am looking for days when i will be the s
ഇതളും പൊരുളും വഴിയൊരകാഴ്ചകളും !  #WHPnaturalbeauty #ilovekochi