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Look how #pretty is this #seal,  and shes so sleepy,  like all of us actually 😂
Série : les Navigli de Milan. (2/3)
🇫🇷Il sagit du quartier le plus pittoresque de Milan. Les Navigli sont des canaux artificiels creusés entre le
Life alone on Mars. #perthisok
Tb to a great day with my brother @mr_andre_le in the Harz Mountains. Just a day before he took off to the United States 👌🏻 Definitely going back to
Aku tidak pernah takut 
1.jika teman meninggalkan ku karena materi
2.di tinggalkan kekasih karena miskin
3.di tinggalkan orang byk karena kebo
참이슬이나 처음처럼?

보물섬, 신사 서울

Chamisul or Cheoeum Cheoreom? ....the two major brands of soju, Koreas version o