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In love with this ring! #hearts 
Dresser: @epdresser
Makeup: @adinamakeup
Caterer: @cb_michaelschick 
Band: @aaronteitelbaum 
Party planner: @altchie 
Some little (or not so little 💍) details from last nights darling wedding. Grateful for couples like Alexa and Connor who are such a great reminder of w
Ray and Guido. Be still my heart! Congrats you two!
Alyson and Andrew are MARRIED!!! They tied the knot at The Ballyowen Golf Club yesterday afternoon in front of so many loving friends and family members. I
Super-magical scene at Amanda & Taylors wedding.🌷🌾🌱🌿🌸🌱🌿🍃🌼🌻🌺✨ // @birddogwedding @springdalefarm
Oh 😍who dreams of photographing a wedding here?! Yeah #thisgirldoes!! #sagamorependrybaltimore #fellspointwedding
💍🏙❤️ Giuliano & Marisa. Congratulations on your engagement!! #nycweddingphotographer
#lettersforbear Barbe à Papa was what today was all about. We joked as it translates to daddies beard, or cotton candy. We preferred the literal translati
Pretty accessories completes an outfit! 🎩 shot on @fujifilm_profilm + process & scan by @richardphotolab
2009, Paris. Shot with a camera we purchased from a Parisian flea market and Fuji film from a corner market.
You know what I just love about every single one of my brides? Of course theyre all incredibly beautiful, but their hearts are even more beautiful. I know
Summer in New York 🌞
Loving this sunny day ☀️ (And thanks for all the love on my last post!)
I could not think of a more perfect start to the 2017 wedding season!!! Aileen & Etienne were married yesterday at @gardencityhotel - we had the most perfe
Waiting for my bride + groom to come out of the temple! Im such a fan of all these tulips everywhere🙌🏼
Photographer goal achieved: Wedding portraits in a Central Park rowboat! 🚣🏻 A sneak peek from Andres & Lizs fun elopement is over on the blog! #denu
Little chapel 🖤
Alyssa and Mike met during what, for many people, is a pretty stressful time: law school. As they were both students at Quinnipiac Law when they discovered
Is it cocktail hour yet?? This perfect manhattan comes courtesy of @kitstan for a recent @havenskitchen wedding.