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Massive #NSV. My SIL handed me down a pair of her True Religions because I literally have not a single pair of jeans that fit. Since she has inadvertently
My favorite #NSV (#nonscalevictory) to date: B can wrap his arms around my waist. I dont know who enjoyed that fact more 😍! Let the epic hugs commence
NBD! Im down a pants size! #drumsalive #emfitchallenge #day22 #nsv  @superherochallenge @emilyschromm
Who is up for a change?
There are still 5 spot available⁉⁉
Join the -10lbs weight loss challenge with me and hold me accountable!!! 30 Days Program πŸ’
Home sweet home!!!
As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the marriage conference with Anthony, we missed the girls so much!! Its so nice to just enjoy the aft
Vitamins the daily struggle. I carry weekly vitamin case and fill up every Sunday like clock work so I remember. πŸ‘Œbloodwork came back good so this is wo
In the world of #nsv I must say clothes fitting better is the highlight of my day 😍 This shirt and I have a love/hate relationship but today it was all
#nsv I already hit my end of April fitness goal (run 5 miles in an hour). Focusing on the good in my life and realizing I do deserve it. #weightwatchers #b
NSV but its monday again.  Need an extra day of the weekend. #nsv #weekend #vsgliquiddiet #vaglifestyle #vsgliving #vsgapril #vsgsurgery
This weekend was sooooo busy! I was in the donut truck al day Saturday and then today ran errands and cleaned the house! My figure is coming in as the day
So I am laying in bed and my stomach is growling. I ate dinner three hours ago and I just want a little snack. Decided to use 2 weeklies for some 🍿 Not
From todays climbing adventures at the top of a different route 😊
#grrrlarmy #grrrlstrong #climbing #rockclimbing #womenwhoclimb #prime
Heres my #sundayselfie πŸ’™ and #nsv Havent been able to comfortably fit in this dress for about a year and today it fit perfectlyπŸ™πŸΌ Ive said it b
I went climbing earlier with @sarahbaim and @wcrespomarrero and had tons of fun. In February when I climbed for the first time something like this wouldve
This dress finally fits me but I have no idea where I would wear it. Ive been trying to get my ass into it for months. I threw it on for no reason just to
A beautiful, 70 degree, sunny day means a family hike. And you guys, I made it through this weekend with no cheats!! Winning!