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So good to be back at @theburrowlife 💜💜 Forgot my rope so shadow boxing it is as my warm up. I love shadow boxing as it focuses on fight technique as
Novi video je na mojoj fb stranici, link vam je u opisu mog profila. Malo o Ivani, i kako ona gleda na fitness iako NE JEDE meso. 💪
Ağırlık çalışmaktan korkmayın 👊  öğrencimin değişimi ile gurur duyuyorum seninle hem güzel bir anne hem iyi bir iş kadını hemde iyi bir e
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الف مبروووك .. المحترف محمد بوقمبر يحرز المداليه البرونزيه
Monday morning motivation is on Top😍 Cardio time done✔️
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up😝 The most certain way to succeed is always to try
#motivationmonday Finish what you started.
Had a great day rearranging @constellationsnap, looking like a real gym! @nzifbb athletes are always welcome to check the place out! Bodybuilding superfan
Si odio a muerte los presses verticales se dice y no pasa nada..
Pero bueno dicen que lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte.. quizás y solo quizás me sal
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What an eventful weekend at the @europagamesexpo in Charlotte! Placed 5th in my class but brought a better overall package than last year. This was my four
@biogensa The Sport supplement brand that backed me from start to finish and continue to believe in me as an athlete and provide me with quality sports sup
DELOAD week, after a heavy hardcore training block where I pushed myself day in day out coach has set me a week of deload which is a much lighter work load
Morning killers. This is a week of complete dominance because I choose to make it so. And it starts with today.

Im leaving this vlog on here not simply t
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ده برنامج الغذائي الحالي بالمكملات الغذائية و التمارين في فترة التضخيم 🔥 البرنامج ا