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Evening on the pasture to the west. Getting ready to say goodbye to the horses as we continue our journey tomorrow!
Varanasi from the Ganges #india
🌏When you go to Pancake Rocks, you get cravings for pancakes. 🍴Good thing theres a restaurant across the street 👍🏼 #westcoast #southisland #pa
Driving down into Pahreah Ghost Town in Grand Staircase Esculade National Monument in Utah.
#PahreahGhostTown #GrandStaircaseEsalanteNationalMonument #Utah
खूबसूरत नक्काशी का नायाब उदहारण... चौमहला पैलेस , हैदराबाद 
Disfrutando de la Candelaria, chorro de Quevedo. #nomadiclife #colombiamaravillosa #alittledrunk #livingexperiences
Im ready to step through the looking glass. #travelinggirl #nomadiclife
Those lines 😍 as much as I was scared in the beginning of going off road, I seriously love it now! To have these kind of camping spots, with no one arou
Its a short hike to Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Park, but the loop packs in enough sights to forget youre in the desert. Also, why do lizards do p
Jeane Ybarra kicks off the Fantazia Circus  with a playing of the National Anthem in Mt. Pleasant’s Community Center on Monday, Feb. 12, 2017. Yabarra ha
Llegando a Vietnam anoche, yo soñaba con sentarme en la calle a comer cual cuando uno llega a Mexico y quiere taco de carritos! Esta parrilla de tierra y
Local resident Leonard Knight spent 30 years creating Salvation Mountain in Niland, CA. It is, as Senator Barbara Boxer described it, a unique and visiona
After 3 years in South America, 4 years in Europe, and 1 year in Asia, I finally learned how to ride a scooter! ❤️
Avocado love 🥑❤️
#operationepicroadtrip is in full swing! The house is officially listed for sale today (a little tug on those heart strings, but its just a house) #goingt
Taipei, Seattle, Portland, Melbourne, Sydney, and now San Francisco. Gave direction to someone as if I were a local. Thats a sign I should just move here
Walking out the door today - almost had a run in with mister toad. This guy was about  3 inches big just hanging out in the front entryway door mat enjoyin
On rainy days we stay inside, curl up with some cozy blankets and give ourselves new tattoos🌂🎯
After four months in the southwest weve moved east. Its both delightful and disorienting to be surrounded by so much green. They have water to spare arou