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Looking for a bug repellant without all the nasty chemicals, one thats effective against mosquitos AND ticks?  Just posted a recipe tonight on my website
Its tick and bug season!! Love me some natural bug repellent! Avoid toxic bug sprays!! I picked up extra bottles for those of you who want some! #gethealt
Who doesnt love a Saturday Special?  Today only purchase a unicorn πŸ¦„ inspired bath bomb get a travel size natural bug spray for just 4.00  That is 2 gr
Eek are the mosquitoes already out for everyone else?! Theyve come out here in MA! Late last summer I found this all natural brand of bug spray and it act
One of the trickiest parts of building and maintaining a healthy garden is keeping pests out. Conventional insecticides contain harmful chemicals that coul
Want to know what essential oils to use for #springcleaning #gardening and keeping bugs away? Check out this article (link in bio) #naturalbugspray
Our all natural, deet free bug spray works wonders! So glad I have some for days like today! #wholehealing #nativepixie #allnatural #deetfree #naturalbugsp
Thats right. Its BUG SPRAY DAY! Making a fresh batch today to fill a bunch of orders! If you are interested in some we offer 3 versions: kid, adult, and
Look who is baccckkkkkk 😜 Natural bug spray that actually works! As I found, living in GA the sand gnats and mosquitoes dont mess around, I created a b
β˜‰β˜‰SUN SHINE!!!! I will be #outside enjoying it!!! I #LOVE hiking but HATE bugs 🐜...This means it is time to use my TerraSheild Blend.

Because Terra
These bottles are ready to go out tomorrow! Wohoo!! Cant wait for summer. #youngliving #naturalsunscreen #naturalbugspray #diy
In Alaska this little bottle is very important!
Ticks have been SO bad this year. This recipe has kept us tick free. Also works for mosquitos! Link in bio. #diybugspray #naturalbugspray #tickrepellant #n
The mosquitoes are coming out!  Get your Arborvitae or Terrashield this month!  #doterraessentialoils #arborvitae #terrashield #naturalbugspray
Its that time of the year when unpleasant bugs start being around us. Dont let them bug you and get your natural repellent spray soon. #lcorganics #natur
Its that dreaded time of year again...all the bugs are coming out. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. We cant even go outside anymore without getting bit. Time to break out t
Dont let the bugs bug you this spring and summer! πŸ˜„ My kiddos and I had fun whipping up this DIY recipe for bug spray. So simple! In fact, I love it so
As a mom raising my kids years ago, I simply didnt know any better, we do the very best we know how, right? As a Yia Yia ( grandma) I now know better, muc
This gorgeous lemon & eucalyptus blend might look like the latest in chic natural perfume, but if you look a little closer youll see theres more to it th
CDC Says Lemon Eucalyptus As Effective As DEET. In two recent CDC publications, when oil of lemon eucalyptus was tested against mosquitoes found in the
Spray anti nyamuk yg super efek menurut saya, from @indoganic bahan2 nya natural, essential oil based dan ramah bahkan untuk anak2 (diatas 2 tahun yah). .
Getting ready for tick and mosquitoe season.Β  Were still below freezing at night but it wont be long now.  Grab the recipe on my blog.

Looking for a Natural Bug Spray - that really works... youll enjoy our Outdoor Living Spray ☺
A safe, DEET-Free alternative for the whole family.