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Have you ever felt this way about your body? That its threatening to punish you if you dont follow the rules? If you dont keep away from the private, hi
David Deiss - M.Arch �17 
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning @taubmancollege
 Thesis: BIM vs BIM or In the Penal Colony Thesis Adviser: P
#storyteller #narrative #confession
After months of endless photographing, developing and scanning, Im so excited to present my final body of work. Entitled Miles Away, Ive reflected a de
Experimenting with an old illustration 👁👁 #dots #thestar #narrative #illustration #photoshop #snippet
My new plants have me thinking about the narrative potential in the dichotomy between hope and fear. New seedlings bring such hope... the future is brigh
@visualnarrativeone - Group Photography exhibition launching 11/05/17- 📷📷 #photography #exhibition #narrative #project
How the #media can trick us #Black&#White #Fake #New The one that control the #narrative can #influence our #thoughts
I remember him
Somewhere in Yumbe district, a grandma sits under a shade with her grandchild.
Everyday Crap by @taxali Were over the moon that Gary will be taking part in our Lightning Bolts & Little Sparks exhibition in June! Also, keep your e
Amigos de Miami: Hoy #28abr en @AltamiraLibros tendremos nuestra presentación con @NinaBrea, @LetrasDeLaura y @EmmaRincon. ¡Los esperamos!

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Lets Play What Remains of Edith Finch! New Mini Series! Up on the channel now, link in bio! #girlgamer #whatremainsofedithfinch #youtuber #letsplay #gamep
A true taste of life at sea, @petermcewanillustrations Kon Tiki adaptation has left us speechless, capturing the whole journey perfectly in twelve spreads
One of my favourite pictures from all the photoshoots that I did during college. I got to let my own creative side out instead of having to follow a strict
High cotton: @billycottonstudios funky-chic SRO bedsit for the 2017 @kbshowhouse, complete with a Madeleine Castaing floor lamp, Brooke Astors Jansen tel
The German - Part 2

I opened the door in lingerie with a Trappist beer from Bruges in hand; an offering to my German cohort. He stepped inside grinning ea
The miller had a great gift for imitating the animals of the forest... one minute he would become a hare, and then the next a lemming or a bear. - The Ho
He suddenly remembered the tablets Ervinen had given him... the millers brain began humming almost instantaneously. The powerful neuroleptics flooded into
No, it was all impossible. If she didnt leave this tent soon, shed have a baby, the mad child of a mad man. The Howling Miller by Arto Paasilinna
This done, the miller stripped to his underwear and waded out into the river to reinstall the wheel. And it was at that moment the mill received a visit.