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Today has been such a beautiful day, so mumma and I decided to enjoy it out in our patio and take silly selfies. 🐢 πŸ€³πŸ»β˜€οΈ β € β €β € β €β € β €β
Hi guys, my pawrents were out of town for a week (longest week of my life) but now they are home and I can relax. Missed you guys !!! Ps. I had the best ca
Im 6 months old today, weighing in at 48lbs. I dont care about anything but sticks... sticks sticks sticks !!!
Oh geez... thank god its Friday.
Uh ? Where did she say that thermometer was going ? 😳
Aaarrrrgh !!! Im just so excited for spring !
How you doin ?
What ? Dis isnt my bed ? #littlebedbigdog
I like to sleep with one eye open.
Adventures with my hoomans are just paw-some. πŸΎπŸΆπŸƒ
#puppyadventures  #cockerspaniel #happypuppy #cockerspanielworld  #cocke
Dandelion, is the flower my hooman introduce me to today. Boy is nature full of wonderful things. β™‘
#happypuppy #nature #countryside
Dis my spot, right ?
I love sticks ! #sticklife
Today has been a good day. Me and my mom is babysitting her Nephew. He is so much fin, and they have all kind of toys - also the noisy ones😜 My mom is n
Checking out the scenery on our Sunday drive 🐢
The serenity of those who dont have to worry about anything in life 🌾🐾 #chillintime #mypuppylife #coogee #sunnyday
Suns out... Buns out (or paws 🐾) @mandymcthesheltie !!!
This picture was taken only 7 weeks ago but I already grew so much, however Im still a baby πŸ”™ #mypuppylife #tbt #cute
When will we see the sun β˜€οΈ?
Happy #tongueouttuesday !
Is anyone else sick of this rain ?
This morning I got up early before work to appreciate the #sunrise πŸŒ…