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Not many cities have hiking opportunities like San Diego. I hiked 21 miles and hit 5 peaks in one day in one area! Pretty dang awesome!
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Confucius #valtournenche #beauty #beautiful #animals #wild #wildanimals #mua #love #instagood #cute #photo
Danke für die schönen Tage mit euch...💗 #friends #mountainlove @umator @rosaheart89
Part (2/2)
To the runners Ive met along the way, thank you always for your wisdom. I appreciate those who share there experiences in order for newcomers t
Part (1/2)
A short clip of yesterdays run. I got to meet a lot of great people as well as seeing familiar faces. Thankful for the volunteers who truly mad
The mule. Strength of a horse stamina of a donkey. We carried our own shit FYI!
Today live from Trentino 
Lago di Tovel
☝🏼.... But I do carry rocks to scare away mountain lions if needed. 😆
Oh my, I cannot rave enough about this Face Serum. I made a small batch this morning for a friend and listed a few in the Etsy store. Its a concoction of
Paul demonstrating how to ski Pisteurs Couloir like a hero