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Yummy wan tan mee to have!
This newly spotted cafe is located in Kota Damansara.
With Chinese fusion food mainly wan tan mee!! In frame 👇🏻.
-hou pak
February 15, 1994 🎂
| 穿梭於現在與過去之間, 我看見了這老城市的美。

攝於北京 丁酉年
Obligatory Canyon post. #exploReidon #exploreCanada #exploreBC
bahay kubo
We are the Light of the World; We are the City on a Hill.
One of my fave shots from the quick shoot I did with @moirarachelle ❤ #PortraitsByDanicaRama
Whiskey in a teacup x #PortraitsByDanicaRama
Moira. #PortraitsByDanicaRama
Bye school for now....
Every heard of healthy fast food before? @halerestaurant is offering various types from burgers to rice bowl. Check them out if you crave for healthy and w
Couple thing🐾
Sometimes the right path isnt the easiest one.
Masbate | 25Apr2017
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Suddenly I missed Pudge, Colonel and Alaska. I want to re-read Looking for Alaska. 😢 
p.s. I know the flower on the photo is not Daisy. Theres no Daisi