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Heres a sneak peek of an item in the May Nova Luna box! Its a mini flower press thats great for travels into wildflower meadows and shady forests.⠀
Representing @tmetaphysical in China during a factory walk through, #quartzcrystalsand fused into #quartzcrystalsingingbowls is quite amazing.
#alchemy is
🌳My last new Tree of Life pendant ... This one is Rose Quartz in silver wire. 🌳
Rose Quartz is the stone of univers
Obsidian scrying mirrors and black mirrors waiting for their owners.


@mysticsanctuary #Lakewood #Tacoma #black_mirror #scryingmirror
This bear spirit animal amulet is a glass bottle filled with labradorite, tree agate and prehnite with a bear charm on a faux suede cord with a clasp🌿
Even though I feel less enthusiasm for the U.S. Government by the day here is a Saturated sunset Sunday image of the Empire State building with a red, whit
My favorites from this batch! All up for grabs, Ill be listing these throughout the day but if you see one you like just shoot me a DM and I will offer an
Working on symmetry in my pieces. I usually dont do that, I prefer a more assymetrical look myself, but I am enjoying the challenge of it! 
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Our DNA is like a genie in a bottle, except they are genes in our bodies. Connected to the unified field
Been eyeballing this Lodolite piece in my shop? Nows the time. Its 20% off with code THIRTYSOMETHING at checkout. 🖤
If you havent seen them yet.. check out my latest addition to the shop! 🎉
Fog & Fae Mystery Packs! 
Three sizes available with major discounts!
Fairies in our windows. New arrivals. Unicorns too inside the store. #gifts #mythical #mystical #fairies #elementals #angelsopm #unicorn #sprites #pixies #
💮 Dragonflies are said to be a sign of a blessing or good luck... Everyone deserves a little now and then.💮
Have it
@shop.crystal.child @shop.crystal.child @shop.crystal.child  shes having a sale on her page ! 🙀🙀🙀 I love her new stuff guys! Totally check her ou
Just in case anyone was wondering just how far my Labradorite obsession has actually gone 🤔😭💎✨ warning: if youre not into rocks this is going t
enjoying this beautiful day! hope everyone is doing the same☀✌❤
#sundaze #enjoyingthesun #lovelife #metaphysical #positivity #positivelif
✨This natural citrine self standing crystal tower is filled with with rainbows!🌈 It weighs .66 pounds and is now available in the shop! 😍✨