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Let us introduce you to @robcrutchersnr who is an absolute star 💫 and HIDDEN GEM 💎. .
This 💎was unearthed and recommended by @jpdpro_photography
Layaknya sebuah foto, terang gelap adalah salah satu unsur estetika keindahannya. Begitu pun dengan dengan hidup, bukankah lebih indah jika kita saling men
Got a picture of a #Starling yesterday minding its own business, #Summer is definitely here, I took this with a #Canon600D, picture is unedited.
My very own shipwreck😆 .... until they knock it down 😡😡 the town of edgewater Nj has announced that they will be working on the 107 year old Bingh
More of todays action! Kayaking is hands down both the scariest and most fun extreme sport I have ever tried #spokane #spokanedoesntsuck #spokanegram #spo
Rain or shine💦
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Today everything exists to end in a photograph.
@paddingtonsweden ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐
Beautiful work for our inspiration and plea
But first let me take a #selfie getting priorities sorted when the view is insane like this one ☝️
The day I understood that the benefit of each war, is the love that will always unite us #nyc #worldtradecenter #911memorial #canont5 #memorial911 #rose
backyard dtla.
Good Meets Evil ☁️
Since Ive just recently become active on Instagram, Im going to try and upload some of the photos Ive taken over the past few years peppered in with my