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Kara said she could see colors in the moonbow, and when I looked very hard, I thought I could make out a faint line of reddish orange above, and some deep
I need to stop taking pictures and fucking dab already I just love this setup
Stoked to break this in, fitment of the cap is super clean
Happy birthday dude! Cheers to all of our crazy adventures and even moreso for the ones to come! #masshole @ellexdee
Scooped a new banger, just came in at @growhausma dope little setups with frosted joints, baked on labels, and fitted caps
These were only at trellis height a week ago 🌳🌳🌳
@gym.smoke.eat inspecting the goods
Shout out to all of our customers for supporting local business and helping us enhance the local community 🐸
Boston is beyond beautiful
Where everybody knows your name.
Gotta love our Boston ducks
Theres so much to love about Boston.
Give it up for Paulie
My forever home
Gone but not forgotten
In love with spring
I love the architecture
MIT art
This is the life
Street Theater at its finest
The fun never ends
It doesnt get better than this.
Street art
Photos dont do it justice.