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👄Which Is Your Favourite Color ?
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Imagine, youve gone to your favorite restaurant and ordered your favorite dish. You begin chewing but theres something that wont break down so you keep
Makeup by @combatkisses_bykristle!

All features by @charlie.the.underdog.  Follow and tag the picture (NOT the caption) or use #noticemymakeup to be featu
Las mujeres están creadas para ser amadas, nunca para ser comprendidas”
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Набор проф.кистей Мас 12шт в кож.чехле на молнии. В комплек
♥😍👄Thank you @rokkssiii 👄😍♥
🆕🆒🆓Течно Матово Червило Със Запълващ Ефект 👄Мигновено З
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When your contouring is spot on! #contouring #makeuplover