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Ой коси, коси ви мої,
довго служили ви мені.
Так хочеться змін... А що змінити найлегше
Nothing beats the swing of a round brush. Shaping your layers with a round brush allows for you to control their shape and movement.

Let your hair bounce
Jetzt glaubt ihr mir aber! #haareab #kurzundlang #vorhernacher #haircut #longhaircut #langehaare
I just want to give a shout out to two ladies on my glam squad; @amescogg and @malmesserli , these two are masters at what they do! Malinda, your precisi
New haircut, feeling fresh for spring. 🌻Much thanks to Lisa @hairbylisaroz  #millvalley #blondehair #longhaircut #beachywaves #californiagirl
No monat vs @monatofficial 
Finally got to try the blowout cream !! It is a must!! The @monatofficial all natural anti-aging products did a huge service to
Chocolate waterfalls 💦