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Amazing capture by : @dave.krugman

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Mojito in Cuba...
Flying across the world isnt too bad when you get views like this
Mis imperfectos más perfectos del mundo 😊 los creadores de la flaca 🤣🤣😎@a.alvarez1194 @dari_hill @cesarj_08  @valekriistina 😘😘😘😘
After a heavy meal photo 🌾

Bikini made by yours truly ♥️ #sonyalpha
A must-stop on every nerds World Library Tour. State Law Library in Des Moines, Iowa, has got it all, iron spiral staircase, tiled floors, iconic desk lam
Just what I perfectly need 🌊💦 #sonyalpha
Summertime Madness 💦☀️ #sonyalpha
My now frequent DR appointments in the city give me a good excuse to walk around Manhattan and revisit some of my favorite spots. Today it was SoHo and Wes
HA LONG BAY: were wishing we were in ha long bay, an area near Hanoi, just about now! Ha long bay offers excellent boating experiences and the most stunni
Puerto Plata has been undergoing some serious rebuilding and these Victorian style houses are just a few that are restored to their original likeness. Next
No neighbors
Earlier I was reading an article about the best things to do in LA in the summer, and it made me excited for the months to come. May - September are my fav
When in Cuba... Che Guevara.