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Radical Times Mimizan comin soon
W/ @elliot_0906
Beach life 🌴🌊😎 #VSCOcam
Время прогулок длиною в вечность и лимонада со льдом.🛒🙌🏾 А на повторе - Ed Sheeran- Shape of
Sweden is an amazing country. Whats more luxurious than to head out on a mountain to freely enjoy nature and stop for a cold drink of fresh, wild water at
Emh arateul
Artist: 📷  @horsesoulmates
We dont follow x follow
I may be an outfit repeater... but youre an outfit rememberer, which is just as pathetic! 😂 if you can name that movie, we can be best friends. (📷
Sunday morning is for snuggles
I used to have this rule that I wouldnt hang out anywhere that didnt have dogs. Lets add wood planking to that criteria as well.
Day 25/100 (catching up)

What do you
say to the injuries
of life

10th anniversary SL-001 from Mischief denim. Worn for a year and one hand wash. my best daily companion.
Butuh perjuangan extra butuh tenaga extra buat menaiki gunung ini sampai ke puncaknya, gak semua orang dapat mendakinya tapi hanya orang yang terpilih dan