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Lil Ds tradition Attire for my bharatanatyam recital today evening๐Ÿ˜ I am also excited because this is the first time lilD and R gonna see me dancing li
Midweek peach love๐Ÿ˜ฌ This outfit is from my last @hm loot and we got this new @melissaanddougtoys from @hamleys_india. I usually love their collections a
Its evening and we are watching the beautiful sunset from the terrace!
 Isnt it amazing how every evening during the sunset the sky reflects different sh
There isnt anything more entertaining than entertaining child. You see yourself in the child and become a child yourself. Look at these two having fun in
Its post lunch time and a stroll around the house gets Lil D ready for her nap. This beautiful Ambi Drops dress from @indieprojectstore is 100% cotton and
Lil D loves her evenings. She gets to spend time at the terrace with Amma and Appa running around enjoying every bit of it and wrapping it up watching the
This Lil girl who runs around the house chasing around people, carrying around dolls and keeping everyone one engaged was a little bundle of joy cooing a b
The stairs up to the terrace is a beautiful spot that lets LilD explore the plants propping into the steps, the spiral staircase and the beautiful view of
I usually refrain Lil D from junk food and sugar. This time I wanted to give some healthy snack and ordered some fresh Banana- Whole wheat Biscotti for Lil
Our new found Reading table :) The comfy Thinnai  to the bedside now transformed to our morning Reading spot by Lil D๐Ÿ˜And her Pink Romper  is from @we
Lil Ds Sunday outfit- a simple grey dress from @hm with cute little illustrations at the bottom! I love picking outfits for lil D, esply something like th
Our book reading session continues and now we are reading Max, the Brave by Ed Vere!๐ŸˆMax, a brave kitten who prefers a superhero cape to cutesy bows,
When one wonders how is that even possible, a babys mind says,  Stretch your hands more, put your feet higher, Nothing is a limit. Lil D climbing up the
Lil D is too young to read for herself, but the enthusiasm with which she pulls out a book, wows me. She brings it over and puts out her magic finger askin
This was last evening!!
Evenings are fun, not because its the wrap of a day, but you get to see the beauty of birds flying back home. My evening beautiful
Joy of unwrapping gifts-Reminds me of days when dad use to attend functions and all the mementoes or gifts that he received would lay intact even for month