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De retour à Hanoï pour profiter des derniers jours dans la capitale. Au programme : petites balades dans les ruelles de la vieille ville, immersion dans
Waiting for you 🌾🌾
Неожиданно для себя я обнаруживаю, что 4-й раз в Турции!!! Каждый год езжу) В прошлом го
Fingers are crossed for some blue water and nice vis tomorrow!
Peace and Prosperity- Spock 🖖🏼
35 degree heat with 100% humidity at 10am - god Ive missed being in SEA. Well worth a gondola ride in a tiny box attached to a cord thousands of meters ab
☀️ Feliz sábado ☀️
Esta es la parte trasera del famosísimo letrero Welcome to Las Vegas.
Quiero agradeceros todos y cada uno de vuestros mensaj
Sleepless nights
#natgeo #natgeowild
Navigating through the floating markets of Iquitos
Island dreaming 🌴🌞
Where my heart finds rest
Meet me at the place where we can be our own creator. ...Why does this only last for so long? Write a new chapter, doesnt need to be clean 🔞☡ ▪
High is good

saturday, april 29 🌿
hey guys, i finally got my account back, someone hacked this and deleted all of my posts 😭 anyways i will just start again

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Disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself this weekend. 📷 by @aleksandarjason.