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Hoy me he levantado 🎨, y he sacado a pasear el filtro lienzo.  Porque en cada momento veo un cuadro, y en Granada encontré muchos.

Y reconozcamos lo,
Buscando lugares donde encontrar paz y amor🌸 teniendo la certeza que allí donde vaya y allí donde esté siempre me acompañará el amor de mi vida🐩
Lau teilatu gainian, Ilargia erdian, eta zuuuuuu goruntz begira,
Zure keia eskuetan, putzada batekin... putz!
Neregana etorriko da ta berriz izango gara zo
Making new friends... 🦌 Before running away because I finished all the deer biscuits and they wouldnt stop following me around 😂
...e ricorda, ad ogni tramonto io sarò lì, accanto a te ❤️ #senzaparole #sunset #sunsetlovers #landscape #lanscape_lovers #awesome #nature #naturelov
How come the only way to know how high you get me
Is to see how far I fall
God only knows how much Id love you if you let me
But I cant break through at
Happy Monday! These vines have got me thinking! 🤔 The spring always gets me excited to start landscaping and finding new creative ways to use plants for