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4|27|2017 5:55pm You have to look at the woman in front of you and cherish every bit of her.
Ill meet you in the middle, like two hands drawing the curtains from the same cloth. 🤝
If only we could trade places, you would see how free you truly are. 🕊
Today I adventured up to the mountains again with my friend Jeremy. Passing roads, towns and familiar trees Ive travelled many times before. Spent the day
Slackline 🌴--------🌴 .
-Se manter em equilíbrio sobre a fita é muito mais difícil do que parece, mas
com visual  tão espetacular, acompanhado do
Today was a wild one. We woke to good conversations with a friend who was a stranger; we scaled the side of a cliff, only using tree roots to hold on to; w
Your body can do anything, its your mind you have to convince. Get your body up tomorrow morning for 6 am flow @blackswanyogahouston well go to new hei
6:00pm 4|26|2017

And Ill always love you.
Always at home when the ocean is near
5:35am 4|25|2017

Shes pretty amazing and loving despite the imperfections. It makes her perfect.
Seek cover before the storm finds you. ⚡️
desejo de uma segunda 💦
Keep on keeping on
These sunset! Unreal! No filter necessary. 🌅
Shot now downloadable at our website!
📷: K.S.photography .
📍: #oregoncoast #oregon #usa #ame
Convinced that everyone needs to watch the sun rise on the daily, as theres no better way to start a day. Stay wild, folks
🏞• yosemite #vanlife vibes. yosemite valley, ca. •