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Heres my #rsd2017 post. I decided I wont get anything on RSD. Not that its anything new. Ive never really been into the idea. Although I admit its ser
Its never too early for some classic hip hop. I couldnt resist picking this up at RSD. Dead Wrong ft Eminem is BIG at his best and most hardcore. Happy
1994s Misty Oldland/Got Me A Feeling
I only wanted one record this record store day and I got it! Boom! @thecadillac3 live at Abbey Road, thanks lads! @thejaren @kelbyray @neildmason #recordst
Lydia keeps my toothbrush in her apartment... and she never complains... I grew up listening to this record, as my older brother played it constantly for
Metallica - The Good The Bad & The Live:The 6½ Year Anniversary 12 Collection (1990 Vertigo–875 487-1)
*Jump In The Fire
*Creeping Death *The 6½ Year
Grab a warm patch of early Sunday morning sun and crank up the volume. Were starting the day with another great find from yesterdays Kingston Record Show
Último lançamento dessa banda  clássica  de punk/hc, lançado pela Rise Records em edição  limitada colori
The Rolling Stones ‎/Sticky Fingers(1971)
Rolling Stones Records ‎,FC 40488,US,1986,Re
Released:23 April 1971
OK guys, I know that most of you are not familiar with Josipa Lisac, a famous pop, rock and jazz Croatian singer. She’s a truly great diva of domestic mu