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1 of two tattoos on one of the tough women Iv ever tattooed! Thank you Mari for getting tattooed and traveling down! Find me @twosnakestattoo in Hastings f
Peacock to end the week, thank you Charlotte! Really enjoyed doing is for you. Done @swanseatattooco .Remember you can find me @twosnakestattoo in Hastings
and there she is, our wood tile wall completed!! 🙌😁 a quick glimpse before the new bed and lights go up!
who can spot the line that separates the
Goodnight Instagram 🐕💙💤
Fun in the Sun 🌻🐕☀️
Trip to the vet 👩🏽‍⚕️👦🏻🐕🐾
Forgot to post this that I finished yesterday on Pritch. Thank you man you did great! Remember yourl find me @twosnakestattoo in Hastings from the 6th of M
Baby Charlie... they grow so fast! 👦🏻🐕 #prouddad
This mean pussy cat on Jordan thank you man! Really enjoyed doing it! Thank you for letting me add to your rad collection! . . . . .

#Besttradtattoos #old
Tiger head on tom last night wraps around abit. Thanks man! Looking forward to doing another one for you! Done @swanseatattooco dont forgot to find me at
Back after some technical issues 😂🐕💙