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Восемь лет назад, в солнечное утро на исходе апреля, когда птицы как-то совершенно ос
love does not claim possession, but gives freedom♡ #Hawaii #Kauai #kauaibeauty
Good morning
Good morning
⊕ I G  O F  T H E  D A Y ⊕ APR 28, 2017
Present Today April 28, 2017
🏆The Artist 👉@marisol59 🎊
🎉🎊🎉 Our Congratulations!!🎉🎊🎉
Please visit Her/His Gall
We are proud to present this great shot by
✨🏆 @tsphotography95 🏆✨
Congratulations : 🎉 💖 🎉
Günaydın huzurlu cumalar ☺ good morning happy friday
Pillar corridor
If you realize how powerful your thoughts are,
you would never think a negative thought 💭💪🏼
starts this happy friday with a big smile like our Beautiful Queen, captured by @christel_smits ✨👊🏼🏆Maxima(l) shot Christel!!!!
would like to introduce our PHOTO OF THE DAY & feature the artist: 
@kimjenssenphotography #kimjenssenphotography_gc 🏆🏆Congrat
This way up. (September 2016)
✨👉 @sainettar.fs 👈✨