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Guven o kadar hassas bı varlık kı.. varlık dıorum cunku o da yaratılmıslardan.. yaratılmamıs olmasaydı hissedemezdik.. Bız dusunmek ve akletmek
Presenting artist : @ganeshvanarephotos_ -
P.S. - Had click this portrait today morning when I saw this old lady was meditating. She was calm and compose
Dry Spell
Smoke rises across the plains -
an acrimonious dry whisper
of the flames that once coursed through
valleys all but forgotten
And the rains
Flags flying on the bada Imambara of Murshidabad!!! This one has an amazing tale.. People say it has a small water fountain inside which cures cuts quicker
कभी सुना था यूँही की दुनिया कितनी बड़ी है। हज़ारों-लाखों लोग,
चैत्र नवरात्र उत्सव, ठाणे
______________________________________________ ◆Photo Credit - @n
Mandu , Madhya Pradesh A place of historic beauty and a wonderful art of Mughal Architecture .. A play of light and shadow through the most significant el
The hidden treasures..
The place where I revived my long forgotten swimming lessons 🤓🤘
From a swimming pool to open waters, that too after year a