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Just sitting

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Having a crappy day? Fuck the world and ride that unicorn all the way to your happy place doods 🤘🏼
Ive had a pretty shit day so have this little
This is a piece I had did when I first started painting which was originally done by @janabrike. Her original is obviously better but I wanted to test my s
I just watched 6 episodes of bill nyes new show on one sitting.
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Today I am working on a bunch of preliminaries for a mural project,  prepare to see my page flooded with psychedelic doggos!  I am overjoyed to be working
Timelaps of my last post. A little over three hours compressed into a minute. 
To create texture, I’m using a stipple noise effect over a gradient and ap
🎵☁️ cumulus - imogen heap
So this is my first OC her name is Yoko Kobayashi. She comes from the Kobayashi family of powerful witches with a bad reputation of being evil and maliciou
Looking forward to being in NYC for my first time on Sunday for a few nights before heading back to the motherland.