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Design and hand-lettering for Belfasts newest coffee shop @GuiltTripCoffee. A glimpse of a heck of a lot of work to show you soon.
🌸~ Ohayouu minna-San 😴 still not feeling better, but Ill post :3 How are chu all? 😚💞 ~🌸
Hehe moore flowers owo❤️
3 key character lineup!
Come over to my FB page for the higher res pictures: http://www.facebook.com/quviart/
『Are  Euphoria』ツアーin鹿児島

open 19:00~
ADV ¥2,500☆ -----------------------
One thing I love about #wwe games is the Create A Superstar mode. Besides making your favorite Marvel super heroes, you know I had to make the ULTIMATE w
Character concept art.
This head monk masquerades as a man of faith, but his true allegiances lie elsewhere.
Character concept art.
This shinobi wrestles with the tengu monster buried in his shoulder. As the apparation takes over, their psyches merge, and whats l
So the failure of an idea last night was an idea for a Mammoth Cave poster. Im still stuck on the idea, so heres v2. Not in love with the color but the s